Ottawa poet Pearl Pirie's been shed bore (Chaudiere Books, 2010), her first trade poetry collection, follows years of a small voice gaining in strength, and in volume, through so much subtle activity and quiet disconnect that by the time she was noticed, she was already everywhere, and already a confident voice. In a poetry built on the strength of play, Pirie's writing moves at the speed of sound, slipping up against silence.

The poems in the collection are eccentric and perceptive. It is an examination of nation telescoping from the immediate macro view and the distance after historical calm. The combination of landscape poems and plunder makes for an original take on our world.

Her new book, been shed bore, has a beautiful website. Her work reflects what I said above about her blog: it is infused with compassion, curiosity, discovery, and inquiry, to which I should add play and a great ear for the musical possibilities of language.
that right blend of feverish and yet clear at once, not descending into either facile or noise.
— Roland Prevost
Intricate gamesmanship + hardy ideas. A knockout combination.
— Marcus McCann